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Trusting the Process

With a career in entrepreneurship, comes the need to trust the process. There are so many times when we as entrepreneurs, feel so attached to our business ideas, that we prevent ourselves from growing our vision. Doing this, can lead to major consequences in the business eye and creates a ripple effect for future decisions. 

The first step in learning how to trust the process, is preparing. I cannot stress enough the need to prepare. When I say prepare, I mean preparing for life. Preparing for your biggest dreams becoming reality. By preparing, we are naturally setting ourselves up for success. In entrepreneurship, you will always love your business more than anyone else will or has, and with that comes the responsibility of your company. It’s important to put your all into what you are working on. Giving it 110% and continuing to go the extra mile insures that you will accomplish your goals. Knowing that you put your all into what you could do, makes trusting the process that much easier because you know that you set yourself up for greatness.

The second step in learning how to trust the process, is learning to let go. There have been so many times when I would know that my original idea wasn’t as good as the new ones, but would still want to keep the original because I was scared to let go. It took me time, but as soon as I realized how much it was holding me back, I let go, and I saw so much more of what I could achieve. It is good to be attached and committed to your idea and your company, but always to a certain extent. If your attachment is not getting you any closer to your goal, then you have to recognize the steps that you need to take to get there. Letting go of things that are not adding value to your success, will free your stress and allow you to continue to be the best entrepreneur you can be. Trust me, you will see results!

Lastly, the final step in learning how to trust the process, is being okay with the changes. We talked about preparing for a variety of events for business and we discussed the importance of letting go, but what's at the core of both of these steps, is accepting and embracing the changes. With owning any company, you will experience growth. Whether you are growing in your planned direction or a new direction, they both have value because you are continuing to learn and evolve. Embracing the growth is what’s key.

Trusting the process means to trust the events of life and what it brings you. All of these steps will guide you in gaining the most success with your business. It’s important to see the plan, but more important to trust the plan.

-Alana Andrews, Vice President LYEF

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